Welcome to Whippetgallery! I created this gallery with the intention to display high quality pictures of purebred whippets of all types and colours, no matter their function. Hopefully whippet enthusiasts will find this website useful and informative, whether or not they have long experience from the breed or are interested to get a whippet of their own in the future.

The idea for Whippetgallery was inspired by Sofia Olsson, who created a gallery for the dog breed australian kelpie several years ago. Thank you for letting me use your idea!
My name is Jinny Balogh and I live in the south of Sweden. I got my first whippet in April 2014 and I really fell for this kind, beautiful and multi purpose breed. I have the kennel name Watch’em and hopefully I will have puppies in the future. If you want to give feedback, report a fault or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at jinnybalogh@gmail.com.

Do you wish to use a picture?

I’ll be happy to let anyone use and link the pictures in Whippetgallery online and for free as long as:

  • The pictures used are the ones from the actual gallery, not event pictures.
  • They will be used for non-commercial purposes.
  • The watermark in the lower corner of the picture is left untouched.

For commercial purposes (i.e. ads, magazines) or printouts the picture always have to be bought. For more information about buying my pictures take a look at www.jinnybalogh.com.